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We are pleased to announce that Infarma Parafarmácia has joined our project! Welcome!!

Infarma is located in Ofir, one of the reliable year-round surf spots in the north of Portugal. The beach has a spectacular setting, and local surfers are very friendly. Moreover, in Ofir you can find a wide variety of places to eat and drink, from fast food and cafes to fancy restaurants. Check out Infarma facebook page and get to know all the products and services available! If you have any questions you can get in touch with Infarma by private message or mail (in portuguese or english). Safely enjoy the sun and sea.

Ofir beach - Photo:


Anthony Bourdain showcases Porto gastronomy on CNN

World famous chef Anthony Bourdain was in Porto in February to film an episode of his popular CNN TV show ‘Parts Unknown’, to be aired later this year.

Anthony Bourdain - Photo: The Travel Channel


The Best Portuguese Beers to Try on Your Trip

Is there anything better than a cold beer while sitting on the beach? What about a crisp ale with a side of seafood? Most people know about Portuguese wines, but knowledge of the cervejas may be a little hazy. The craft beer scene has finally hit the Iberian Peninsula and this coastal region now has a beer culture that's all its own. Calling all beer lovers, don't leave Portugal before trying these brands!

A glass of Letra beer - Photo: Cerveja Letra Brewery


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