No worries, just fun


Did you know Portugal provides one of the best surfing experiences in Europe?

Portugal is always voted the best surf destination in Europe, and it receives more tourists every year looking forward to enjoy a surf experience. But this has led to an excessive surf crowd in the most well-known beaches, making it difficult for the surfers to fully enjoy the moment.

The Portuguese coast has more than 500 white sandy beaches in around 850 km, offering a lot of other great quality spots to surf. And because they are not mainstream, they provide little to no crowd.

The main goal of Surf Trip Portugal is to create a surf trip plan according to each client preferences. The trip is designed considering the surf level, wave predilection and scenario.

You won’t need to worry about equipment logistics, accommodation or choosing the best surf spots. No rental cars needed, no getting lost and no language barriers. The staff are always informed about the surf and weather conditions, so every day you can surf the best waves Portugal has to offer. Moreover, we only work with a maximum of 6 surfers at a time, to assure the clients’ needs can be fulfilled.

Finally, exploring Portuguese cities, culture and food around the surf destinations is also included in our packages, guaranteeing you have the best experience and no worries, just fun.